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Timeless Fashion!

Bucket Hats

Materials: Polyester / Cotton

Features: Versatile Fashion,  Sun Protection, Casual Elegance!

Most Popular!

Cuffed Beanie Hats

Materials: 100% Acrylic

Features: Cozy Warmth, Reversible Use, Comfortable Fit!

Convenient & Portable!

Basic Beanie Hats

Materials: 100% Acrylic

Features: Cold-Weather Essential,  Versatile Style, Exceptional Elasticity!

Keep Warm!

Fleece Beanie Hats

Materials: Polar Fleece

Features: Versatile Color, Highly Thermal, Wind-Resistant!

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Whether you require standard hat designs or custom-made creations, Sino-promotion can meet your specifications and deliver your orders with exceptional speed and quality. Choose Sino-promotion for swift and dependable custom logo hat solutions for your projects.

As a leading promotional products company, Sino-Promotion offers a diverse range of promotional items, including the ever-popular category of custom hats. We specialize in customizing hats of various styles and types to cater to our clients’ unique needs. From classic bucket hats to trendy beanies, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends to every aspect, from hat types and fabrics to craftsmanship and bulk customization, ensuring that we meet your precise requirements.

When it comes to sourcing custom logo hats as a middleman, Sino-Promotion is your best choice. We offer top-notch quality and versatility in hat customization, making us the go-to destination for bulk wholesale hats purchases.

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With over 12 years of manufacturing experience, Sino-Promotion stands as a professional custom hat maker dedicated to excellence. We continuously refine our production processes, from our state-of-the-art facility to our expert team and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. This commitment allows us to offer our customers the finest in customized hats. Our specialization ensures both the lowest cost and the highest quality for our clients. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of our customer’s needs, enabling us to provide rapid production and quick turnaround times. At Sino-Promotion, we are not just a wholesale hat supplier; we are a partner committed to delivering precisely what you desire.


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Wholesale Hats Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide variety of hat types for wholesale purchase, including baseball caps, beanies, bucket hats, trucker hats, and more. Our extensive selection allows you to find the perfect hats to meet your specific needs.

Yes, we offer customization services for wholesale hat orders. You can personalize the hats with your logo, branding, or custom design. Our team can assist you in creating hats that align with your vision.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale hat purchases may vary depending on the type of hat and customization options. We accommodate orders of various sizes to meet the requirements of different customers.

The lead time for wholesale hat orders depends on factors such as the quantity, type of hats, and customization requirements. We work efficiently to ensure timely delivery and can provide you with an estimated delivery date for your order.

Yes, we offer volume discounts for bulk wholesale hat orders. Our pricing structure is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for resellers and businesses looking to purchase hats in larger quantities. Please contact our sales team for more information on discounts and pricing options.

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