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High Detail!

Cloth Wristband

Vibrant, durable, full-color design!

Most Popular!

Ribbon Wristband

Classic style, cost-effective, and fits a limited budget!

High Quality!

Woven Wristband

High performance, clear printing, easier to read!

Most Durable!

Silicone Wristband

Elegant, durable, best with simple text!

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Softest Feel!

RPET Wristband

Comfortable, the highest quality in the market!


RFID Wristband

The best option for sustainable development!

Lowest Cost!

Tyvek Wristband

The lowest wholesale price, more suitable for retail!


Plastic Wristband

Rugged, lightest, comfortable to wear!

Cheap Wholesale Wristbands For Resale and Bulk Ordering

At Sino-Promotion, we are the primary source factory for custom wristbands, offering a wide range of options for resale and bulk ordering. With over 12 years of specialized experience in wristband manufacturing, we have become a trusted name in the industry.

Our commitment to excellence extends to providing middlemen with the most competitive wholesale prices in the market. We understand the importance of maximizing profits, and that’s why we offer the most cost-effective solutions for your wristband needs.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to stock up on customized wristbands for your store or an entrepreneur seeking opportunities for profitable resale, Sino-Promotion is your one-stop destination. Our high-quality and cheap custom wristbands, coupled with our unbeatable prices, ensure that you can offer your customers both value and style.

Partner with us today and discover how Sino-Promotion can help you achieve greater profit margins while delivering top-notch wristbands to your clients.

Cheap Wholesale Lanyards
RFID Woven Wristbands
RFID Stretch Wristbands
NFC Silicone Wristbands(1)(1)

Easy of Use!

RFID Woven Wristbands

Keep your badges close!

Show Your ID!

RFID Stretch Wristbands

Easy holder for badges!

Show Your Logo!

NFC Silicone Wristbands

Show off your information!

Wholesale RFID Wristbands

RFID Wristbands have gained immense popularity among customers due to their convenience and security features. However, harnessing the power of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology requires expertise and precision. At Sino-Promotion, we have met this challenge head-on. With years of research and experience in the field, we have developed the capability to provide RFID IoT solutions that meet the high demands of our clients.

Our RFID Wristbands offer seamless integration of RFID technology, making access control, attendance tracking, and asset management easier than ever. Whether you’re in event management, healthcare, logistics, or any other industry, our wholesale RFID Wristbands empower you with enhanced security and efficiency.

 Tips For Reseller

Navigating the Wholesale Wristband Market

With a multitude of custom event wristbands types on the market, knowing what sells best and how to promote effectively is key. We offer insights into popular wristbands to assist resellers in optimizing sales strategies









Fast Turnaround


For resellers seeking fast turnaround and same-day shipping capabilities, Heat-Transfer Wristbands stand out as the top choice. These custom cloth wristbands are produced using a heat-transfer printing process, allowing us to complete production swiftly, often on the same day. When customers have urgent requirements for custom wristbands cheap for their events, Sublimation Wristbands are our first recommendation. Their rapid production time ensures that event organizers can receive their orders promptly, meeting tight deadlines with ease.

Popular Choice


Custom Silicone Wristbands have become the go-to choice for many events and users due to their unbeatable combination of comfort, style, and durability. Crafted from high-quality silicone material, these wristbands offer a comfortable and fashionable accessory for any occasion. The versatility of silicone allows for a wide range of customization options, making it easy for resellers to showcase their craftsmanship and professionalism when marketing these wristbands

  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Fundraising
  • School Field Trips
  • Camps
  • Graduations
  • Charities
  • Fundraising
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Graduations
  • Gifts
  • Business Branding

Specialized Supplier


Custom RFID Wristbands are undoubtedly a lucrative market, but not all resellers can easily navigate its complexities. Specialized production techniques and in-depth expertise are crucial for ensuring the seamless manufacturing and post-sale support of RFID Wristbands. Without a professional supplier like Sino-Promotion, challenges can arise in both production and after-sales service. When you partner with a trusted RFID Wristband supplier like us, you gain the assurance that comes with a seasoned expert in the field.

Bulk Quantity


When it comes to cost-effective disposable festival products, Custsom Tyvek Wristbands take the lead. Their affordability and single-use nature make them the preferred choice for large-scale events. Consequently, the demand for these wristbands is consistently high, with orders flowing in regularly. While selling Custom Tyvek Wristbands may not yield exceptionally high profit margins, it guarantees resellers a stable and substantial order volume. This product’s versatility ensures a steady stream of business for middlemen, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a consistent and dependable income in the wristband market.

  • Amusement Parks
  • Waterparks
  • Resorts
  • Fairs
  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • Family Entertainment Centers
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Fairs
  • Concerts
  • Sports

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Sino-Promotion is a leading wristband manufacturer, equipped with our own state-of-the-art facility and a dedicated team of professionals. We specialize in producing a wide range of customized wristband types to meet diverse needs. Our commitment to delivering both speed and quality service has earned us the trust and appreciation of countless satisfied customers.


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Wholesale Wristbands Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of wristband types for wholesale purchase, including silicone wristbands, Tyvek wristbands, RFID wristbands, vinyl wristbands, and more. Our diverse selection ensures that you can find the perfect wristbands for your specific needs.

The minimum order quantity for wholesale wristbands can vary depending on the type and customization options. Typically, we accommodate orders of various sizes to meet the requirements of different customers.

Yes, we offer customization services for wholesale orders. You can personalize the wristbands with your logo, branding, or custom design. Our team can assist you in creating wristbands that align with your vision.

The turnaround time for wholesale wristband orders depends on factors like the quantity, type of wristbands, and customization requirements. We work efficiently to ensure timely delivery, and our team can provide you with an estimated delivery date for your order.

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk and recurring wholesale orders. Our pricing structure is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for resellers and businesses looking to purchase wristbands in larger quantities. Please contact our sales team for more information on discounts and pricing options.

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