Custom Woven Wristband


Custom Woven Wristbands are crafted with meticulous detail, these wristbands offer a premium and stylish option for access control and identification. Customize them with your design or logo to create a lasting impression. Their durable and woven construction ensures they are both secure and memorable.

Material: Polyester

MOQ: 50pcs

Size: 15*350mm, 20*350mm

Color: Customized as you wish.

Printing Method: Woven

Packing: 100pcs/opp, 5000pcs/ct

Lead Time: 5-7 Days


  Wristband Size 


wristbands size



 Wristband Printing


Woven Wristband-2                              Woven Wristband-1

   Jacquard Logo                                                                              Woven Wristband


lanyard fittingWristband Accessories


Plastic Slide Lock                                       Plastic Cord Lock                                                Plastic Bead

Bamboo Slide Lock                                Alu Tube                                       

Bamboo Slide Lock                                    Alu Tube                                                                Metal Bead

*If you need other wristband accessories, please feel free to contact us to learn more.


Wristband Production

12-year Experienced Wristband Supplier

Wristband production


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