The Current Lanyard Design Trends in The Market

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Various organizations have used lanyards for many years. Due to the dynamic market landscape, lanyards are even subjected to the latest innovations and trends.

Understanding and adapting to current lanyard design trends has become essential. It helps to keep pace with branding efforts. Focusing on lanyard design is necessary to create and maintain a business’s identity.

If the global market trends are considered, the market will rise significantly between 2023 and 2032. It is expected that the international market of lanyards will reach USD 99.6 billion by 2032 at a CAGR of 5.26%

The guide below features the various trends followed in the lanyard market regarding materials, colors, layouts, and much more, so let’s read below.

Significance of Focusing the Trends in Lanyard Designs

Various reasons may lead to considering the latest trends in lanyard designs, and some of these are discussed below:

  • Lanyards are used for promotion or can be an essential part of employee attire in various organizations. Hence, a modern brand image ensures the association with trends.
  • The latest lanyard design also gives businesses a competitive edge. Customers prefer choosing a company that offers innovative, trending, and appealing lanyards.
  • Customers require evolving trends in lanyards. When such consideration is being fulfilled, customer satisfaction reaches the utmost level.
  • Lanyards act as marketing tools. They contain slogans and logos of various businesses and ensure trendy designs. Such marketing and promotional efforts could be more effective.
  • The designs of lanyards also reflect the values of an organization. By following the trends, the business can create an image that aligns with its culture and values.

Trending Materials

Many types of materials can be used to manufacture lanyards. However, the most trending materials these days in this regard are discussed below:


Nylon is a durable, versatile, and trending material in many finishes and colors. It offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and is functional in various applications.

The nylon lanyards are very easy to customize. By using printing or heat-transferring methods, various designs and logos are added.


Polyester is usually used as a lanyard material due to its affordability and durability. Also, there are many color options in this material. Polyester offers resistance against moisture, stretching, and fading.

Polyester lanyards are customizable. Dye sublimation or silk screen printing adds design and branding.


Woven lanyards offer precise designs. They are made using nylon and polyester material. They comprise text and patterns woven into the fabric directly. They offer a very professional and durable look.

Such lanyards are adopted chiefly for promotional purposes or as an excellent choice for conferences and corporate events.


Bamboo lanyards have emerged as an excellent option for addressing sustainability issues. These are made using ten natural bamboo fibers and have a unique look.

Bamboo lanyards are biodegradable and comfortable, so they can be used by brands looking for options.

Trending colors

Trending Colors

Lanyards are available in various colors, but not all colors need to trend more. However, when it comes to choosing the trending colored lanyards, some of the options are as follows:

Double Tone

Double-tone lanyards comprise two colors that complement or contrast one another. It helps to create an appealing appearance. It looks catchy, and various businesses can add a modern touch to these lanyards.


Pastel-colored lanyards offer soft and calm colors. They provide an exquisite and subtle look and can be used for many applications.

The pastel-colored lanyards are used for corporate events and can offer a great kick to fashion accessories.


Metallic lanyards consist of a shimmery finish, and hence, they give a luxurious look. The metallic colors are bronze, rose gold, gold, and silver, and are bold.

These lanyards are suitable for events conducted on a larger scale or comprise VIP access.


Neon colors are bright and vibrant, adding an excitement-oriented look to the lanyards. These are suitable for various events and festivals where visibility is essential. The neon colors include hot pink, fluorescent green, electricity blue, etc.

These colors stand out, even in low-light conditions, giving brands a bold impression.

Trending patterns

Trending Patterns

These days, the patterns on the lanyards are also trending. Some of these popular patterns you may have on the lanyards comprise the following options.


Geometric patterns include geometric shapes like hexagons, squares, triangles, etc. These are very popularly printed on the lanyards. They give a very aesthetic look and offer a sophisticated design.


Floral patterns are evergreen, and they never leave the trends. The motifs of the tropical look, floral designs, and bold blossoms create a natural touch of femininity. These are suitable for parties and events associated with gardens or natural ambiance.


Customized patterns in organizations are also popular lanyards. Many businesses prefer delivering a message through the designs on the lanyards. Hence, they need customized illustrations or patterns.

It allows them to stand out from the crowd and creates a sense of communication between their values and culture.


The pattern of stripes is an all-time classic pattern that includes various stripes. These comprise bold stripes, diagonal lines, pinstripes, and much more.

These lanyards are suitable for casual and sports events and may look great in corporate settings as they ensure a versatile look.

Trending Layout

Lanyards offer varied layouts and styles. The trending lanyard layouts these days comprise the following options.

Flat Lanyards

Flat lanyards are popular among various organizations and are classy and versatile. These lanyards are composed of a flat ribbon, which is very comfortable to wear. These lanyards can have text, logos, and graphics and are easy to customize.

Beaded Lanyards

Beaded lanyards, as the name suggests, consist of beads and pearls instead of fabric. These beads are strung together and create a very unique look. They are suitable for special formal events.

Round Lanyards

Round layers are cylindrical and can fit around the neck. These lanyards use nylon or polyester and contain logos and printed text.

Round Lanyards

Safety Breakaway Lanyards

Safety lanyards comprise a safety feature, which means that if they get tangled, they can break apart easily with the help of a buckle. Hence, they help protect you from any kind of choking and injury.

These lanyards are suitable for use in environments where safety concerns are a priority, such as schools, hospitals, and industrial applications.

They help immediately open the buckle and remove the lanyard when needed.

Factors Influencing the Trends in Lanyards

Various factors and some of these influence the changing trends on lanyards are discussed below:

Eco-Friendly Materials

People are becoming aware of environmental protection now, and there is a demand for lanyards made from materials like bamboo or recyclable polyester.

Hence, this growing demand has allowed manufacturers to opt for sustainable materials when manufacturing lanyards.

Eco-Friendly Lanyards

Innovative Technology Integration

The advancement of technology also requires the integration of some innovative features into lanyards.

These days, lanyards are also equipped with RFID chips; these chips help with access control. NFC technology lanyards offer contactless payments and QR codes, which help improve functionality.

Lanyards can integrate such technology, adding convenience for users in modern times.

Demand for Customization

The demand for customized lanyards is increasing daily. The businesses wish to have their brand identity reflected in them. This accounts for having various brand messages printed and color combinations of logos used in the lanyards.

Demand for Customization

Safety Requirements

Safety is also critical when designing lanyards as businesses operate in high-risk environments. Hence, the lanyards equipped with quick-release mechanisms and breakaway buckles should be in place to help avoid injuries and accidents.

Adjustable Layouts

The world today is moving at such a fast pace that versatility is essential; hence, manufacturing adjustable lanyards that offer many functions is in demand by clients.

People prefer having lanyards that comprise detachable clips.

Anti-Microbial Properties

The hygiene concerns have led to the growing demand for lanyards with anti-microbial properties. It requires ping for lanyards equipped with antimicrobial coatings. It helps reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

Such types of lanyards are required in the healthcare and food service industry. These places are prone to germs and, at the same time, need protection against germs. Thus, such lanyards prove to offer significant help.

Anti-Microbial Properties


Sino-Promotion offers to manufacture a wide range of lanyards. These can be equipped with primary and trending features. You can print your business logos on the lanyards or opt for eco-friendly lanyards. You can even add any customization features to your requirements.

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