Awareness Wristband Color Meanings

Awareness Wristband Color Meanings


Wristbands have been popular for many years and are considered a fashion accessory. Yet, in reality, each wristband color represents a cause or awareness.

If you are looking forward to having an idea of these wristbands and what they represent, you are at the right place for your clients. Here, you can get an insight into the meaning of different colored wristbands, followed by choosing the proper custom wristband manufacturer for your clients.

These days, various organizations also get their events equipped with custom wristbands representing their cause and events.

The different colors of wristbands have their unique significance. It acts as a visual representation of support for a cause or awareness. This guide below captures a detailed insight into various colored wristbands and their meaning. So, let’s read below.

History of Awareness Wristbands

The silicone wristbands are associated with showing support for awareness, and they help generate funding as well. The concept of colored wristbands started in 2004 with a yellow silicone bracelet.

The yellow silicone bracelet contained the word “Livestrong” written on it. It was designed for Lance Armstrong, a professional cyclist and cancer survivor. Since then, the yellow silicone wristband has been used to raise funds for cancer patients.

At that time, cyclists on the Tour de France wore this wristband, and it helped raise millions of dollars.

In fact, in the 19th century, many women wore a yellow ribbon in their hair. It represented their devotion and love to the husband or any loved one who served the U.S. Cavalry.

Various musicians also produced songs on the colored ribbons; one of them was from Tony Orlando and Dawn. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree” represents when the Vietnam War ended.

In the 1990s, the yellow ribbon wristband also gained popularity. It supported the military during the Gulf War. At the same time, people chose the red colored ribbon to help the people diagnosed with AIDS.

Since red represents the color of blood, hence the red ribbon symbolizes people fighting AIDS. Celebrities wore red colored ribbons at that time to award ceremonies. This is how awareness of this cause spread across the world.

In 1991, a magazine created its Breast Cancer Awareness Month issue. It featured a well-known breast cancer survivor, Evelyn Lauder. They used a pink ribbon to symbolize this cause. It helped fund people with breast cancer by investing in the research.

As time passed, everything changed, and silicone wristbands replaced the ribbons and lapels. These wristbands are still popular and offer practical means of reporting awareness.

Concept Of Awareness Wristbands Today

Awareness Wristbands

People used to put ribbons on the trees in the past, but now they wear these as bracelets for awareness. Yet, the trend of having customized wristbands has also taken a toll on people.

Hence, you can even customize your wristband to represent different cases. There are many colors, and even dual colors can be opted for. Most businesses also have their customized wristbands created. It allows them to add logos, colors, and printed business messages. Hence, it proves to be a great marketing strategy.

The selection of silicone wristbands is prevalent for various reasons. These are durable, lightweight, and can be used in the long run.

Moreover, they are open to customization; hence, whether an organization needs it as a marketing tool or for a cause, they can customize it.

Meanings of Wrist Band Colors

Each color of the wristband has a different meaning to offer, and these meanings of different colors are provided below:


The color red represents the awareness of heart disease and abuse prevention. It also means the cause of HIV/AIDS.


Green-colored wristbands represent organ donation, environmental awareness, and mental health awareness.


The color black in a wristband represents the movements undertaken for anti-racism and also signifies mourning and melanoma awareness.


The orange wristband helps raise awareness about hunger relief, leukemia, and multiple sclerosis.

Lime Green

Lime Green offers mental health support and Lyme disease awareness wristbands.

Wristband Color Meanings

Light Blue

The light blue color represents child abuse prevention and offers prostate cancer awareness.


Yellow wristband symbolizes bladder cancer awareness, suicide prevention, and support for the troops.


The white-colored wristband signifies lung cancer awareness, peace, and adoption awareness.


The violet color represents animal cruelty prevention and offers awareness of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Hot Pink

Wristbands in hot pink represent gender equality and help raise breast cancer awareness.

Light Pink

Light pink wristbands help raise awareness of infertility and support breast cancer.


Gray-colored wristbands symbolize brain cancer, asthma, and diabetes awareness.


Wristbands in brown color offer awareness for colon cancer and help represent anti-tobacco campaigns.


Wristbands in teal color help signify the awareness of sexual assault, ovarian cancer, and food allergies.

Customized Silicone Wristbands

Customized Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands can be customized based on the businesses and organizations’ awareness, cause, and requirements. Some of the ways these wristbands can be customized are as follows:

  • Customized wristbands can be equipped with messages and slogans printed on the wristbands. Such wristbands act as a potent tool for advocacy and communication. These can be used as a charity event or help express solidarity with social causes.
  • Custom colors can also be opted for wristbands based on the event’s theme. It helps to make these wristbands powerful and appealing. It gives you the freedom to choose from a wide color range.
  • Custom wristbands allow organizations to incorporate symbols and logos, enhancing brand recognition.
  • Custom wristbands are also used as a fundraising tool by various charitable organizations. They tend to sell these wristbands online and gain profits to support their NGOs.
  • You can have custom wristbands with event details printed, which can be offered as an event souvenir to the participants.
  • These wristbands can be customized with various designs, including embossing the text and engraving designs or screen-printed. It helps create an aesthetic look.
  • The custom wristbands also offer a means of supporting a global cause and can be opted as a symbol of unity and solidarity for a common cause.

Wristband Colors for Different Months

Wristband Colors Meanings

The different wristband colors represent the awareness of different events in the months through the entire years, as discussed below:

  • The month of January is mainly associated with the dark blue color. It represents the awareness of cervical cancer and thyroid disease.
  • February is known to represent the red color wristband, which offers awareness for AIDS/HIV and heart diseases.
  • The month of March, associated with the yellow-colored wristband, offers awareness for multiple sclerosis and endometriosis.
  • The month of April offers support for causes that comprise autism and sexual assault awareness, represented by the teal-colored wristbands.
  • The month of May represents mental health awareness and celiac disease awareness. The color of the wristband represents the month of May, and its cause is green.
  • Orange-colored wristbands are associated with PTSD and gun violence awareness, represented by orange.
  • July’s wristband is burgundy, representing sarcoma and juvenile arthritis awareness.
  • The month of August is filled with purple-colored wristbands, which represent pancreatic cancer awareness and domestic violence awareness.
  • People will wear golden-colored wristbands in September to support childhood cancer and suicide prevention awareness.
  • Pink wristbands represent the cause of breast cancer awareness worn in October.
  • November brings lavender-colored wristbands representing epilepsy and prematurity awareness.
  • Light blue wristbands are worn in December. These are associated with human rights and prostate cancer awareness.


As you have been through the guide above, you must now know wristbands’ different colors, meanings, and causes. However, the most important thing is having the right quality wristbands associated with your reference.

Sino Promotion offers the manufacturing of custom wristbands. Such wristbands are according to your requirements. You can always design them based on the demands of your clients, their events, and their organization’s identity.

A massive variety of options are available in terms of colors and styles. However, the best part is using these wristbands with printed logos and messages.

These wristbands are durable and affordable. Hence, you can save a lot when customizing them for your clients.

Sino-Promotion has been in the business for many years, and keeping the trends aligned, they tend to offer the best quality wristbands. You can always contact them to discuss your preferences for a custom wristband.

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