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Custom Wristbands for enents

Long gone are the days of paper tickets. Now, all the big & small event managers are employing the use of wristbands as entry passes. If you want to find out how they are better than paper tickets, their benefits, and their types, keep reading because we will cover them all!

➔ Outline

1. How do Wristbands Help in Events?
2. Why are wristbands better than paper tickets?
3. What kinds of wristbands can be used for events?

How do Wristbands Help in Events?

A wristband, a small accessory instrument, can serve more purposes than you even think. Here, you will get to know a few of the uses that will make your event management easier:

  1. Entrance
  2. VIP
  3. ProtocolsDistribution of Items
  4. Live Security
  5. Promotion

1. Entrance

Entrance is a difficult task for both staff and guests; for example,

  • Freebies Problem: Finally, no freebies without the band will be allowed to enter.
  • Ticket Copy: If you think someone can copy your tickets, you can add specific bar codes or logos on bands, which can be scanned or shown at the entrance.
  • Loss of Pass: If someone loses his card, the problem intensifies. However, as wristbands get strapped to the arm and users don’t have to care for them, they rarely get lost.
  • Long-line Waiting: All guests must wait in line and show their invitation cards, which is time-consuming. In contrast, if they are provided with wristbands, they only have to show them from a distance, which speeds up the process.
  • Multiple Entry Scam: Guests often gave their paper tickets to someone else after the entrance, making multiple entrances on 1 ticket possible. However, you can make bands tearproof or print unique barcodes that only apply to one person.

2. VIP Protocols

If you have invited a VIP or a chief guest, you can provide them with a special wristband with different colors, barcodes, engraving, etc.

This will allow the staff to recognize the important personalities at the entrance and provide them with the required protocol, such as;

  • Your VIPs will not have to wait in line
  • Will be guided to their premium seating
  • Provided special entertainment access
  • Access to special food items, such as drinks

Also, they can access the special areas ( where the general public is not allowed )

3. Distribution of Items

In an event, it is difficult to identify and serve guests according to their age. Some items in the event are restricted to people under 18 or 21. For example, alcoholic drinks cannot be served to attendees under 21, attendees under 18 cannot be granted access to dance zones, etc.

For this purpose, you can design a specific wristband for underage guests, which will make it easy for the staff to recognize them speedily ( without asking for their identity every time) and prohibit them.

Wristbands for Underage Attendees

Similarly, if you have multiple ticket prices, with pricier ones having access to premium offers like hardcore drinks, special dancing area, etc., then you can distribute bands ( colors, logo, QR code ) according to the ticket price; hence, everybody gets what they have paid for.

4. Live Security

Imagine if someone unwanted ( possibly a robber or a pickpocket ) has dodged the security and slipped into your event, then he can be dangerous to your guests and management team. This could be avoided if you require the guests to wear their wristbands throughout the event.

When security personnel are continuously viewing all attendees at the event, then anyone without the band will be immediately reached by your security team and will be removed from the scene or handed over to authorities as required.

5. Promotion

If the wristbands provided by you are of good quality and decent style, guests will probably feel proud to wear them at the event, and even after that, they will not throw them away instead;

  • They may use them from time to time in daily life
  • Save them as a memory

In both cases, your brand will stay with them, and when their family & friends see them, they will be attracted and get curious to know about you even more. High-quality bands may be a bit costly, but they are a great way to promote themselves in the long run.

Why Wristbands are Better Than Paper Tickets

The first paper was developed in China around 105 AD, and the history of paper being used as tickets goes as far back as the invention of paper because it can be produced in bulk and its manufacturing costs are way cheaper.

Wristbands vs Paper tickets

But these days, wristbands are as popular as paper tickets, and soon they will completely end because of the following reasons;

  • The cloth wristbands are more durable than paper tickets and cannot be easily torn or broken.
  • The custom wristbands can also be kept by the guests as a memory of the event, which is not applicable to paper tickets.
  • A specially designed wristband is harder to replicate than paper tickets, which adds an additional layer of security.
  • The wristbands are slim & sleek according to the modern fashion styling code rather than paper tickets, which is an outdated option.
  • Wristbands are easy to carry and can be easily worn on the wrist without the problem of being lost. In contrast, tickets can be easily lost in the pockets.
  • Wristbands can be made torn-proof, which means once you put them on the wrist, they will not come off unless somebody tears them apart, which nullifies their useability so no one else can use them. In contrast, tickets can be given easily and multiple people can get access to one ticket.
  • Different color/barcode Wristbands make the identification of basic & VIP members easy at the entrance, seating area, distribution of food, etc., because all of them are required to wear bands that can be seen from a distance. In contrast, paper tickets are in pockets, and security asks for them again & again, which is very time-consuming and insulting.

  • Wristbands can be used as currency tabs with which customers can buy items by scanning their band’s QR codes, and when they are leaving the party, they need to scan their bands, which will show the remaining balance they have to pay. But this is not possible with normal paper tickets.

What Kinds of Wristbands Can Be Used For Events

Wristbands are available in different designs and qualities, and all of them are useful according to the nature of the task required at any event. Following is a list of a few wristband qualities, their specifications, and how they can enhance your function:

  1. Silicon wristbands
  2. Tyvek wristbands
  3. Plastic wristbands
  4. Vinyl wristbands
  5. Woven wristbands

1. Silicon Wristbands

Silicone Wristband-2

Silicon wristbands are durable and waterproof and last many years of use, so they serve 2-purposes: used as a ticket to a party and as a gift after the event, which users can take home. Moreover, they can be easily customized by logos or even printing, which helps you promote your brand in the long run. Click here if you want to buy silicone wristbands in bulk.

2. Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek is a paper-like material but is more durable and tearproof making it good for wristbands that will only be used one time. You can add a tamper-proof adhesive strip, which will prevent the exchange or lending of wristbands and add to the security of your event. Send us a message about the factory price of Tyvek wristbands.

3. Plastic Wristbands

Plastic Wristbands Supplier

Plastic wristbands are waterproof and durable bands and usually come with a snap closure, which allows only single use, as the snap breaks once you get them off your wrist. They are very useful for security at events with a large number of attendees, as they cannot be exchanged and add an extra layer of security. If you want to source customized Plastic wristbands from China, click here!

4. Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are similar to plastic bands but are more durable, elastic, and softer than their counterparts ( plastic ). They also have built-in snap enclosures and they serve the same purpose as plastic wristbands. Their main difference with plastic bands is that they feel classy while wearing, so you can use vinyl wristbands for VIPs and other special guests and plastic wristbands for general guests. BUT vinyl bands are more expensive than plastic ones.

5. Woven Wristbands

Woven Wristband-4

Woven wristbands are made up of cloth or fabric, which is a lightweight and long-lasting material because, just like clothes, they can be washed with water if they get dirty, making them appear new for a longer time than other wristbands.

  • For event management, they can be equipped with a tooth lock, allowing single use, but it collides with its comfortability.
  • If security isn’t your concern, you can skip the tooth lock so that they can be worn again & again in the long run.

If you want to buy woven wristbands at wholesale prices, click here.

➔  Additional Tech Enhancement

In this modern age, you can add an additional level of computerized security using one of the following methods;

  1. RFID( radio frequency identification ) is a kind of wireless identification tech. It is worth noting that RIFD is not a building material for wristbands; rather, it is a security technology in the form of small capsules that give off signals, and when they come near a scanner, they will automatically give off all their data to the security. You can see how RFID works in this animated video.
  2. QR code adds a dotted pattern printing on the band, which, when scanned, gives data to security just like we are purchasing items in the superstore. You can see how the QR code works in this link.

The RFID/QR code tags can be installed in almost all types of wristbands, and they do everything that normal bands do, like entrance, seating, and security, but on a more efficient level, such as;

  • If you add a QR code or RFID chip to the band, it adds an extra layer of security that can’t be tempered easily;
  • During scanning, it wirelessly tells the ID of the user, so entrance, seating, items distribution, etc., can be made easily;
  • They can keep track of all the purchases made, and users can also load virtually money in the band beforehand, so accessing items at the event can be done more easily;
  • Self-access to allowed areas in the event simply by scanning the bands at the locked doors.

➔ Conclusion

If you really want your events to stand out from the rest by giving your guests a fast entrance, efficient security, and appropriate distribution of items, then get rid of paper tickets and employ wristbands. We at Sino Promotion manufacture all kinds of custom wristbands, from cheap Tyvek to premium woven ones, and that’s not all; we can emboss logos and print pictures.

One of the greatest benefits of buying from us is that we also have QR codes and RFID chips, so you can get everything you want in one place and at cheap prices. So, send us a quick message to get free quotes and custom wristband samples!

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